Case studies

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Century 21

The Number 1 estate agent feels right at home

The Number 1 estate agent is also My Media’s longest standing client. Signed up against stiff competition in the agency’s very first months of existence, Century 21 has remained one of My Media’s key clients.

With TV, as in most cases, as the main battleground for the sector’s competing brands, our agency has never ceased to innovate in this area, giving Century 21 a clear advance on its competitors in terms of visibility, image points and credibility:
• In 2006, Century 21 was the first brand to adopt a weekend strategy, allowing it to remain on air for 8 months, i.e. twice as long as its competitors (aired for 4 to 5 months at best with classic campaign waves).
• In 2008, the chain was the first in its sector to use sponsorship and even to adopt a 100% sponsorship strategy for its first year in the market. This time, it was present 221 days of the year, i.e. 3 times as much as its direct competitors. It is the first in its sector in Top of mind awareness, spontaneous recall and aided recall.
• In 2011, it was once again the first in its sector to produce its own short programme with “Toi, toi mon toit”. In the same year, Century 21 had gained around a 15 point lead on its competitors in terms of image and competence (confidence in its management, best trained staff, most professional staff…)