Case studies

Our company’s health is conditioned on delivering results.

Système U

Système U invented “business that benefits everyone” in terms of price, the chain of production and its customers’ health.

This set of “added social values”, to echo the term used by Serge Papin, the brand’s CEO, is conveyed by both a guidebook (S. Papin “Pour un nouveau pacte alimentaire” (“For a new food pact”); Editions du cherche midi) and a series of advertising campaigns.

My Media’s advertising strategy has been bringing these new messages to TV screens and the press since early 2011.

TV campaigns are aimed at the general public and concern social issues: Système U removes all controversial ingredients, such as palm oil, Bisphenol A or aspartame, from Marque U products. Press campaigns aimed at opinion leaders.

As always, the radio conveys the brand’s classic sales offers to attract consumer traffic into the shops.

This strategy is extremely effective for the brand:

  • Fast growing market share, going from 9.3% in 2011 to 9.9% in 2012
  • Estimated market share of 10% for the beginning of 2013
  • Traffic up by 1.5% whilst other brands are down
  • More than a third of French households are using the brand’s shops for the first time in its history.
  • Sales of products mentioned in the ad campaigns are sometimes multiplied by a factor of 6.
  • Système U has finally broken into the Top 3 favourite French brands.
  • 70% of people who recognise the TV ads intend to use the brand’s shops in the near future.

This ad campaign won the Effie Grand Prix in 2012 (Effective Advertising Award). This prize rewards more than a communications platform; it is a tribute to the company’s history and its long term rapport with local producers.