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My Ramdam by My Media # 171

week 26 – 2014


Some new animated series should be arriving next season on TFOU, TF1′s childrens’ offering. There will mainly be heroes of very popular children’s literature heroes such as an animated version of Lassie. Robin Hood and Heidi will also arrive. One lesser known new series is Oum the Dolphin, to whom we wish a lot of success among France’s youth.

On June 24th, LCI celebrated its 20th birthday, a chance to go back on 20 years of news and events, as well as on the history and future of the channel – which submitted a request to become a free DTT channel. Until June 29th, LCI was proposing retrospectives, bloopers or testimonials from prestigious guests like Martin Bouygues to talk about the channel.


Scrabble Spain has found a way to bypass the traditional billboard campaigns and is offering a useful and fun campaign. It proposed to stores who had a missing letter on their sign to stick in its place a large version of its classic letter tiles. An efficient method to attract attention and bring focus on a game that has existed since the 30s.


RFM is following OuiFM’s example with its « Summer Evenings » by launching the first edition of the « RFM Summer Live » festival. The event, which will take place on July 4th on the Ile de la Jatte in Levallois, will feature artists like Kyo, Patrick Fiori, or Mozart l’Opéra Rock. The event is free for inhabitants of Levallois, the other tickets can be won here. A good way to start the summer!

Web and Mobile

After Twitter which is dedicating a large part of its site to football, Google has also decided to give an homage to the World Cup. The search engine has published an original analysis of the search trends linked to the event through data from search requests. For example, since the beginning of the Cup, queries about Freddie Mercury saw an increase in Brazil due to the country’s striker Fred’s ressemblance to the rock singer.

For the launch of its new Axe product, « Axe Upgraded », the deodorant brand for men is going strong with a campaign exclusively based on tweets. From June 26th to July 3rd, Axe will make 7 people’s dream come true to « upgrade their life » through their funny and original tweets. A dedicated site gives access to the tweets in real time as well as checking out the Axe line of products.


Herta Belgium got a particularly original idea to distribute its limited edition Knacki Balls. The brand first installed in a train station a machine supposed to hand out free products if you pressed a big button in the middle of the machine. When someone did press the button, they found themselves in front of famous Belgian footballer Leo Van der Elst. The person was then challenged to an actual 1 on 1 match inside the machine against Van der Elst with a ball the size of a Knacki ball. A great way to work up an appetite!

Many big companies have already understood that undertaking development projects for charity helped their brand image. After Danone and its hyper proteinated yoghurts in Bangladesh, Colgate is offering specially made packages for its toothpaste in Myanmar which unwrap to become posters educating children on good dental hygiene. The packages also shows a toll free number with recordings that can be used as education supports for teachers.