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Mathieu Chapon


In 2018 Mathieu Chapon decides to join forces with Philippe Yonnet in creating the Search Foresight agency. Apart from SEO, the agency also aims to develop the other levers of inbound marketing: social network optimization, local indexing, website & mobile app indexing, e-reputation and so on.

Throughout four years, Mathieu has been the manager of the SEO consulting team at Aposition. He had previously started his career in the role Project Manager at the agency Takezo (Isobar), part of the Carat Group, after having worked for two years in Indonesia within the tourism sector.

Mathieu’s expertise is particularly focused on developing the SEO strategies of large companies (France TV, Nokia, Orange, Monoprix, LDLC…). His experience draws on significant roles of responsibility he has had at SFR throughout three years, when he worked alongside two other consultants.  They have achieved notable results as they have managed to double SFR’s web traffic. Within SFR, Orange and FTV, he had the ability to develop media supports for different types of content such as news, photos and even video and audio content, that require very specific web indexing.

He has also participated in the revamping of Nokia’s global website in 2010, when he worked alongside Indian engineering teams and Finnish board members.

Last but not least, his expertise also draws on years of experience working for major French and international e-commerce companies like (the British e-bay),,,, (Allemand), LDLC etc.